What would you do if...
...tyre blow-out on the highway?
... a deer runs across the road?
... the car slips on the icy road?
Try yourself in emergencies!
Train safe at our driving center!
Get ready on the track!
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30 ha forest with more than 20km
dirt road, located in the middle
of Hungaroring. Teambuilding and 4x4 trainings.
Children park
From 6 yeras we provide interesting and
useful traffic knowledge and development programs.
EV Charger
EV Charger
Chademo charger at Hungaroring Driving Center!
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Arrangements of Corporate Events

We can arrange professional lecture, press conference, exhibition, outdoor events, team buildings, test driving, trademark conference alongside the driving technique courses. 
The events’ agenda includes the traditional driving technique tasks in addition to other, special programs. On our track the participants can practice safely how to prevent crisis in case of intemperate weather or an unthought-of accident. After the course the participants receive a memorial certificate. In case of a slalom race, the place winners can receive a cup.

Rent the Track Construction

In case of a corporate event, our tracks can be rented for 2 hours, half day or all day up to 100 people. We also offer more informal, special programs up to 200 people.

The Driving Centre is perfect scenery for family days as well. Parents can test their driving technique skills on the tracks while kids can learn about safe traffic and the basics of driving at the Children Traffic Park. This park is the most modern traffic park of Hungary, where kids can drive electric mini cars. Kids can learn the basic rules of road by the end of the day: the importance of seat belt, how to behave in a car and how to behave on the roads. 

All in one

You can find everything you need for a perfect event in the building of the Driving Centre. The event hall is a high-tech, air-conditioned hall up to 50-80 people. The building has 3 smaller training rooms up to 15-20 people. 
You can also find a great buffet in the building. This is perfect scenery for welcoming guests (breakfast, coffee, standing reception). During spring and summer the buffet can be extended with a terrace or a roof terrace which has a perfect view on the tracks. This way those customers can also monitor the programs who are not participating. 

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Events for hundreds of people

We also offer several other programs and venues

Hungaroring Off-Road Centre

In the 30 ha forest of Hungaroring there is a more than 20 km long forest-road network, which has natural bunkers (ditches, slopes, hills, and rough roads) and which is perfectly suitable for 4x4 land rover trainings and as a scenery for team buildings.
Hungaroring Off-Road Centrum

Hungaroring Motorcycle Academy

The track of Hungaroring also welcomes the lovers of motorcycle. Hungaroring offers them Open Days and they can learn about road safety and driving technique at the Hungaroring Motorcycle Academy. 
Hungaroring Motoros Akadémia

Hungaroring Karting Centre

Visit the completely renewed and modernized Karting Centre at the Hungaroring. The exclusive karting track is exactly in the heart of the F1 track at Hungaroring. Come and have fun!
Hungaroring Go-kart Centrum
For more details please contact the Hungaroring Karting Centre: 

Hungaroring Racetrack

Classical. This is how Hungaroring is described in the recent years. It was built almost 30 years ago and at the time of building it was a curiosity: Hungaroring was the first racetrack behind the iron curtain. Nowadays it is still a curiosity: Hungaroring is the third amongst the racetracks constantly being in the race calendar.



Other venues

Besides our “traditional” courses we also host other smaller and greater events at our Driving Centre. Our team is very experienced in organizing and arranging events. Furthermore, we can transfer our road safety and experience programs anywhere in the country.

Kids Package


Our team believed that you cannot start teaching road safety to early. Our children will be drivers once. This is why we also offer children our programs.

The youngest children (6-12) can use the mini cars of the Children Traffic Park. We also teach them the meaning of the traffic signs. 

For the older children we offer trainings about road safety. Since they usually use bicycle or simply travel on foot we focus on the relation of cars and pedestrians. We also have a seat belt simulator and drunk simulator glasses.


Driving Technique Package

In case of a proper sized, firm road surface we can train customers basically anywhere. Similar to the Driving Centre, we offer trainings for groups, evaluation individually and we communicate through radio. Tasks are as usual: braking, steering and so on. These tasks improve driving technique and routine. We recommend this package especially for training focused programs.

Skid Control Driving

This simulator is a perfect training tool because with the help of this simulator drivers can prepare for crisis.
While driving in this simulator, you can experience how the car acts when the connection is lost between the wheels and the road. How bad weather, speeding, sudden barking or inadequate steering affects your driving. 


Experience Package

We offer this package in case of corporate events since these events are more about having fun. We offer some special programs for the sake of fun. We selected those tasks where the craft is important and have a team building character. The timing can also throw the group into a fever. 

On demand we can transfer our off-road and quad programs as well.

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Exclusive venue usage price
2 hours weekdays 462 000 HUF + VAT
2 hours weekends 554 400 HUF + VAT
4 hours weekdays 836 000 HUF + VAT
4 hours weekend 946 000 HUF + VAT
8 hours weekdays 1 430 000 HUF + VAT
8 hours weekend 1 760 000 HUF + VAT
overuse/ hours 172 700 HUF + VAT

Rent-a-car price
2 hours 9 350 HUF + VAT
half day 18 700HUF + VAT
all day 37 400 HUF + VAT

Rentable types:  
  • Volkswagen Golf VI GTI (automatic)
  • Volkswagen Touran
  • Seat Leon
  • Skoda Yeti (automatic)
  • Skoda Fabia 
  • Volkswagen Amarok 

The exclusive track usage fee includes::

  • Exclusive use of the whole are
  • Instructors’ fee
  • Driving technique training
  • Insurance
  • Certificate fee

Miniring prices weekdays weekends
4 hours 40.000 Ft + ÁFA  
8 hours 80.000 Ft + ÁFA  

The price includes the program with radio usage, certificate fee, the use of training rooms and social rooms, and fully comprehensive insurance.
The prices are guiding prices.

Please contact us for special offers:

Our sole catering partner:
Hungaroring Catering Ltd. /Pole Position Bistro & Terrace 


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