Élményprogram a Hungaroringen
2019 június 18. - 63 500 Ft
Vezetéstechnikai tréning Michelisz Norberttel
2019 Július 21. - 44 500 Ft
What would you do if...
...tyre blow-out on the highway?
... a deer runs across the road?
... the car slips on the icy road?
Try yourself in emergencies!
Train safe at our driving center!
Get ready on the track!
Under 25 discount! Order npw for up to 40% discount on all trainings!
15% Discount
Groupama colleagues can get 15% discount
on our trainings!
30 ha forest with more than 20km
dirt road, located in the middle
of Hungaroring. Teambuilding and 4x4 trainings.
Children park
From 6 yeras we provide interesting and
useful traffic knowledge and development programs.
EV Charger
EV Charger
Chademo charger at Hungaroring Driving Center!
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What kinds of courses are available?
We offer 6 basic courses. There is a 2-hour-long course, a half-day-long course and 4 all-day-long courses. You can find a short summary about the courses on the below link...

What kinds of tracks are available?
We offer 4 different driving technique tracks: the ABS and Slalom Track - the Puncture Simulator Track - the Circle Track - and a Slope-Hill Track. Depending on the length of the courses you can practice on all the tracks. All of these tracks are covered with artificial resin which can be used wet as well. This surface is perfect for practising what to do in crisis. The tracks have water walls, asphaltic parts and a safety zone as well.

What does a course contain?
At the beginning of a course there is a short theoretical training. Depending on the length of the course it takes 20 to 60 minutes. After this short training there is a basic practical training: braking and slalom tasks on normal and resin surface as well. The basic training is followed by the special tasks on the particular tracks. After the lunch break, the customers, signed up for the whole day, have a 30-minutes-long theoretical training followed by more practical trainings on different tracks.

What is the group size?
On our driving technique courses the average size of a group is 10 people. The minimum is 5-6 participants. In case of the all-day-long courses or premium courses the size of the group is maximum 5 people.

Is the trainer sitting next to me in the car?
The trainers are sitting in a control room or standing on the side of the track. Every group has an instructor. Participants receive a radio and this way they can follow the instructions. During breaks or at the end of the course there is a chance to discuss the observations and the evaluation by all means.

Is the course held in case of bad weather?
Yes, it is. Even if it rains or snows.

Can customers visit the Hungaroring during courses?
Yes, but just in case of a Hungaroring premium course. Otherwise there is no chance for visiting Hungaroring since there are several events held there through the year.

What do I need to do in order to participate on a course?
In order to participate on a course, you need to fill in the order form or you need to have a gift card/voucher. You can download the order form from here. Before sending out your request, you need to call or e-mail us for the exact date. You can also choose how you want to pay and you can upload your discount.

How can I buy a gift card?
You have two options. You can buy a gift card personally at the Driving Centre or you can order it on our website. If you buy it in person you can pay with cash or credit card. If you buy it on our website you have 3 options. If you pay via PayPal you receive your voucher electronically. In case of remittance if we receive the money we send you the voucher. You probably receive it in 1 or 2 days. In case of cash on delivery option you also receive the voucher in a few days but you’ll be charged for postage.

How long can I use my gift card? Is it possible to prolong it? Is it transferable?
The gift cards’ validity is 6 months. You can prolong it once for one month for free of charge. Any other additional months cost 2500 HUF. The gift card is transferable but please inform us in advance.

Which days are the courses held on and how can I apply?
Courses are held at weekends. The date and the list of the participants are organized by the Driving Centre. For reservation you can contact us via phone (28/441-951) or via e-mail ( Please make your reservation at least one month in advance because we quickly run out of seats.

Do I need to drive my own car on the courses? If I have more cars, which one should I choose?
We recommend you to drive your own car because you need to know the limits of your own car. If you have more than one car, drive the one you use most often. If you don’t have your own car, you can rent one at the Driving Centre.

Is it a problem if I have an automatic car?
We do not specify the age or the technical equipment of the car. Every car behaves differently and this can be useful for the whole group.

Can I get hurt? Can my car get damaged?
Since the speed is low during the training (30-40 km/h) and the tracks are safe, it is almost impossible to have an accident. It is really important though to follow the instructions of the trainer. If anything happens, the fee of the course includes the insurance.

Can I bring a companion? Does it cost extra money? Can my companion sit next me in the car?
You can bring a companion and you don’t need to pay extra for him/her. However the companion is not allowed to sit into the car. They can observe the training from the building or by the roadside.

Can I use my camera?
Yes, you can but just at the Driving Centre. You are not allowed to use you camera on the Hungaroring area.

How should I prepare my car for the training?
Please make sure that the boot and the cabin is empty. Please check the wheel pressure and the tank should be half full. The participants should wear comfortable clothes and proper footwear for driving.

Do I need to have a driving license?
Yes, you need to have a valid driving license in order to participate on the courses.

Can pregnant women participate?
No, we do not allow them to participate.

Which training do you recommend in case of a fresh driving license?
All of our courses are really useful for experienced and less experienced drivers as well. However the all-day-long training can be exhausted for a less experienced driver. We recommend them the half-day-long basic course but they can join the all-day-long course as well.

Do I need to attend the shorter courses before the all-day-long course?
No, it is not necessary. All of our courses contain similar elements but the longer the course the more you can practice.

Can I get a discount?
If you have a Groupama compulsory car insurance or CASCO insurance you can get 15% discount. Under the age 21 and with a fresh driving license you can get 40% youth discount. However we don’t have a group discount.

How can I make use of the discount?
In case of an order you can upload your discount coupon at the bottom of the order form. You can upload the document in JPG or PDF file format. In case of a Groupama discount please upload the statement. In case of a youth discount please upload the student card.

Is the lunch included in the price of the course? Is there a buffet in the building?
Before our courses start, you are our guest for a coffee or a tea and some pastries. In case of an all-day-long course we offer lunch sandwiches. In case of a Hungaroring course or a premium course cold plates are served with unlimited coffee. There is also a buffet in the building and the water is unlimited.

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