Élményprogram a Hungaroringen
2019 június 18. - 63 500 Ft
Vezetéstechnikai tréning Michelisz Norberttel
2019 Július 21. - 44 500 Ft
What would you do if...
...tyre blow-out on the highway?
... a deer runs across the road?
... the car slips on the icy road?
Try yourself in emergencies!
Train safe at our driving center!
Get ready on the track!
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30 ha forest with more than 20km
dirt road, located in the middle
of Hungaroring. Teambuilding and 4x4 trainings.
Children park
From 6 yeras we provide interesting and
useful traffic knowledge and development programs.
EV Charger
EV Charger
Chademo charger at Hungaroring Driving Center!
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Road safety and prevention of accidents

Safety and prevention. These are the two key words of our community involvement.
Our main goals are: 
  • the improvement of road safety,
  • road safety education for children and
  • environmentally caring consciousness.
For many years our Driving Centre has a leading role in the Hungarian driver’s road safety education. Our driving technique trainings and our commitment focus on safety and prevention. International statistics show that 90 % of road accidents occur due to the lack of driving technique. Participating on driving technique trainings can significantly reduce the number of road accidents along with measurable property damage.

Supporting Children

Children are most important target group of our preventative activity. Our goal is to ensure that kids get home from school safely and they are thoroughly enlightened upon the etiquette and the basic rules of traffic. This mission is highly important for the Hungaroring and the Groupama Driving Centre as well. 
The leaders of the F1 track believe that they can support children’s safety thorough a complex traffic program. This program is called the Miniring. Special camps and courses are organized for children and they can learn the basic rules of traffic through games with the help of qualified traffic-teachers. This program is well-worked-out and it’s time to spread the world and train as many children as we can.

The Driving Centre joined FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile ) “safe driving” campaign, which is a global initiation. This organisation propagates the conscious and safe road driving.  
We received the emblematic helmet from Jean Tod, who is the president of FIA, as the symbol of joining the organisation. 

Guiding – Good Turn and Charity

The Driving Centre cooperates with Cseppkő Gyermekotthon (children’s home). This facility believes that free time should be spent usefully. They highlight that children should have as much and as pleasant experience as it is possible and this experience should support them through a lifetime. 
The exciting programs of Miniring are truly a motivation for kids at the children’s home: they learn better, they do sports and they develop their own talents. The experience of Miniring is something worth fighting for. With the help of the various programs they can learn how to become persistent and tough and how to reach their goals.
Our Driving Centre gladly serves the common good. We have had a “joy-ride” event where ill children had the chance to try our tracks. We’ve also had technique training for wheelchair users. And we have a plenty other examples. 

Young People Tutoring

We need to support young people - they are the future. This is the clear and logical motto of Hungaroring. On long terms it is really important for a racing track to train successful car- and motor racers and to endear this sport to young people and have them as future fans.

The team of Hungaroring believes that children need role models. We think that everyday heroes were, are and will always be needed. They are the good examples for young people. The role models of Hungaroring are racing drivers, of course. 
Michelisz Norbert is one of the most famous Hungarian sportsmen. He won the “Most Popular Sportsman of the Year” price in the last 3 years on the Sport Stars Gala. 70-80.000 fans visit the World Touring Car Championship at the Hungaroring each year - just because of him. This means that he is the perfect sportsman for propagating our programs.
Michelisz races at one of the most popular auto racing series. He wins races and steps on the podium. If he speaks - people listen. Norbi is the face of our Driving Centre.

Bús Edina represents the ladies. She is a true role model for the youth. She is a multiple champion at the Lotus Ladies Cup and she also tested her speed at other championships - with success. It is no exaggeration to say: Edina is the best female racing driver in Hungary and she can cope with men as well!
We also chose a successful sportsman from among the Hungarian motor racers. He is Gyutai Adrián, who is the winner of the Alpok Adria Superbike Series and a Hungarian champion. His motto is: “Racing is not just a sport; it's a way of life..."
His commitment and humility can be a good example for everyone.
Számadó Máté follows the example of Adrián. Máté practically learned how to motor race at Hungaroring. In spite of the fact that he is only 10 year old, he is successful in the 50 cc category. 

Research, Development, Environmental Protection

Savings. We hear about saving up all the time - so why not to save up while driving? Especially, as it can be done without any serious effort. Some good advice can do the trick. Fortunately, at the Groupama Driving Centre our instructors know some good advice.
We could talk about hybrid cars, low fuel consumption cars or electric vehicles but these are parts of the long-term plan. At our Driving Centre we share some practical advice about how to reach the limits of your car while saving the environment. 

Eco-friendly Solutions at the Driving Centre

Artificial lake
The Driving Centre has an artificial lake which supplies the water walls and the sprinklers of the tracks. This way the use of tap-water is minimised and eco-friendly. 

On our courses we always focus on fuel saving. This is cost efficient and reduces air pollution.
Nowadays the vehicles’ engine is more economical because of the EU’s regulations. If the fuel consumption is reduced the air pollution is reduced as well. The question is more and more about the capability of the driver and whether he is able to bring the best out of the car. Because you can get from A to B consuming 6.5 litre but it is also possible to consume only 5 litre in the same period of time. 1.5 litre is a significant difference. 
And what’s the trick?
Lots of practice. You can practice with our instructors on a test drive.  
After trainings the improvement rates are 5-12%. Let’s think about it! What can this rate mean in case of 1 or 2 cars in a family? Or 20-800 cars at a company?

The future has already begun at the Groupama Driving Centre. In cooperation with Nissan Sales CEE Ltd we have placed an electric rapid-charging station at the Driving Centre. We are planning to organise driving technique trainings for the eco-friendly electric vehicles in the near future. This way we can support the prevention of accidents in this narrow but fast growing segment as well.

Michelisz Norbert ajánlásával

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